Miniature Poodle at the beach
Olivia Jeffries

Veterinary Surgeon & Clinical Director

Olivia first came to the practice when she was 15 on a work experience placement. We like to think we inspired her to want to become a veterinary surgeon. She achieved her degree from what was at the time the newest Veterinary school which is Nottingham Veterinary School in 2011. The problem solving design of her degree has held her in good stead in developing her diagnostic skills. Olivia shares her home with her partner Dan and their dog Freddie. Freddie would love to spend all his time with Olivia and come to work with her but this he only manages very infrequently. He likes to practice his charms on the nursing staff for extra treats. Olivia loves to spend her time away from work holidaying in the sun, but this is not appreciated by Freddie.

Border Terrier dog on grass
Lynn Page

Veterinary Surgeon

Lynn grew up and went to Veterinary School in South Africa and came to this country in 1997. She has worked at this practice for 20 years now and is a vital part of the team. She has an interest in ophthalmology and feline medicine but enjoys all aspects of general small animal practice.

Lenka Hurd

Veterinary Surgeon

Ian Shoreman RVN

Practice Manager

Ian had a love for animals from an early age and has owned a variety of pets, from little furries to a horse. His first job was at Manchester Dogs Home where he discovered his passion for caring for and nursing rescue dogs. His is very much a supporter of the “adopt, don’t shop” campaign. Ian joined the practice in 2003 where he completed his training to become a registered veterinary nurse. He is a clinical coach and supports our students throughout their training. Ian is a member of the British Veterinary Nurses Association (BVNA) and has completed the BVNA Oral Care Nurse Course on pet dentistry. He is also a practice diabetic advisor. At home, Ian has a rescue dog and a hand reared cat.

Pomeranian dog outside
Caroline Bell RVN


Caroline came straight from leaving high school in 2003 and has been with the practice ever since, completing her veterinary nurse training with us. She owns a cat which was just going to be fostered but never left and has personal experience of the care of a pet after orthopaedic surgery as her “bionic” Pomeranian has had surgery on 3 out of her 4 legs. She also has a British bulldog and two French bulldogs. She is happy to advise on the new legislation pertaining to becoming a registered breeder and is keen to encourage responsible breeding that improves the health and well being of these bulldog breeds. Caroline completed an accredited Compassion Understood course recently which focuses on the end of life of a pet and how to help clients cope with bereavement. She has completed a dental management course and is one of the practices diabetic pet advisors.

Black cat laid down outside
Jennifer Gandy RVN


Jennifer qualified form Myerscough Agricultural College in April 2017 and joined this practice in September 2017. She had spent the six and half years prior to joining us working in the charity sector of veterinary care. She has a passion for caring for animals which inspired her to want to become a veterinary nurse. Jenny has made a valuable contribution to the practice team and is unique in coming to us already qualified as a veterinary nurse. She has a special interest in feline nursing and endeavours to make any cat patients that are admitted feel as settled and unstressed as possible. She is a diabetic advisor and has a BVNA certificate in oral care. At present, her pets at home are three rescue cats, a daschund and several tropical fish.

Jordan Oddy RVN


Jordan originally came to the practice on a work experience placement in 2013 from school. He then decided that he wanted to develop a career within the veterinary field. He qualified in July 2018 having completed a degree course in veterinary nursing at Myerscough Agricultural College. This involved many weeks of practical work which he completed with this practice. He is continually wanting to increase his knowledge and has embarked on an additional BSc Honours degree in Veterinary Nursing in his own time. Jordan has enjoyed keeping a variety of reptiles as pets.

Kirsty Clure

Student Veterinary Nurse

Kirsty came to us originally for a two-week work experience placement in 2013. Her personality and enthusiasm ensured that we asked her to work for us as a Saturday morning helper. She then went to Hopwood Hall college where she completed an animal management diploma which involved gaining experience with a range of animal species. She has been employed by the practice since 2015 and is going to take on the challenge of training as a registered veterinary nurse in the near future. In her spare time, she loves to go out and socialise with her friends and taking her dog Minnie for walks especially at the seaside.

German Pointer laid on grass
Jacqui Parker


Jacqui joined the practice in July 2008 realising a long-held wish to work with animals. Clients and their pets appreciate her friendly and outgoing personality. She has a great wealth of personal experience of breeding her English bulldogs in the past and is a good source of practical advice on puppy rearing. She has two dogs at present and enjoys spending time with her family. She enjoyed the Compassion Understood course she took recently.

Mia Coetzee




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