New Clients

New Client Information

If you are registered with another veterinary practice with your pet, then unless it is a veterinary emergency we will not accept a new client without seeing the case notes of the patient from your previous veterinary surgeon.

You have to decide if you are asking us for a second opinion in which case you are still a client of your previous veterinary surgeons or if you are wanting to leave that practice and register with ourselves.

At times after reviewing your pet’s history we may advise you that it would be better to ask your previous veterinary surgeon to refer you to a recognised specialist for the problem your pet has rather than coming to ourselves.

We have a great number of years of veterinary experience between us, but we regard ourselves as the equivalent of a General Practitioner, not a specialist.

Due to the data protection regulations, please note a veterinary practice will not send your details to another practice unless they have been requested to do so directly by yourself. So, to avoid any delays please ensure you have informed the other veterinary practice that we will be requesting you and your pets details.

This also applies if you are asking us to send you and your pets details to another practice.