Ways to pay


Treatment is expected to be paid for at the time it is provided, and this has been the case for 35 years. Our staff are well aware that this does not mean we won’t provide emergency care to any animal if needed irrespective of the client’s ability to pay at the time.

If circumstances are such that a client cannot pay at the time they will be expected to fill out an outstanding money form, so we know when the account and how the account is going to be paid. To be fair to the clients that do pay for treatment we may have to use a debt collecting service, but this would not be instigated unless we have exhausted all other routes. If we have to start sending bills and reminders, then administration costs might have to be added to the outstanding amount. We treat all cases on an individual basis, please asked to speak to a member of staff in confidence if you anticipate there may be a problem with payment at the time of treatment.

An exception to this may be if we do a direct insurance claim, but this must be approved before treatment as some insurance companies we will not deal with directly. We accept payment by cash or credit card.