Dental Care

At Jackson and Nuttall, we know that a key component of your pet’s general health is the health of their mouth, and specifically, their teeth.

There are many ways you can help your pet maintain healthy teeth and gums, from dental chews and toys that can help remove plaque, right through to brushing their teeth!

Brushing your pet’s teeth

It might sound like an impossible task to take on, however we have found that most pets can tolerate having their teeth brushed – the key for you as their owner, is patience and perseverance.

You need to start off gently by simply introducing them to a toothpaste specially developed for your dog or cat.  Allow your pet to lick a small amount off your finger – they will get used to the taste and this will make them associate the taste as a positive experience.

Gradually start to introduce a special pet toothbrush – don’t be rough and don’t prolong the amount of time you spend – be quick to begin with so they get used to it.  Over time you can build up the amount of time spent brushing and your pet will get used to this as part of their routine.

If you have any questions about brushing your pet’s teeth please contact us.

When there is a problem

There are a number of signs to look out for that can show you your pet has a problem with their teeth.  This can include reluctance or difficulty eating, and very smelly breath!

Your pet’s teeth will be checked every time you bring them in for a health check but if you have any concerns in-between health checks you should contact us straight away.

At Jackson and Nuttall, we can offer a range of dental treatments to help keep your pet’s teeth healthy.  We have an ultra-sonic descaler for removing plaque to clean the teeth effectively, and a power drill, so, when necessary, can extract teeth that require it quickly.