Pet Passport

We are not currently offering this service, but please speak to the team for advice. 

If you’re planning to take your pet abroad with you on holiday, you may not realise that just like, they need a passport too!

Many people do not realise there is a procedure to follow prior to taking their pets out of the UK. At Jackson and Nuttall, we are able to guide and support you through this process, so you can your pet away without any concerns you do not have the necessary paperwork.

Regulations around pet passports change from time-to-time.  We can discuss current regulations with you now, however please bear in mind that Brexit will pose some significant changes to these regulations.  At Jackson and Nuttall, we make sure we keep up-to-date with all the latest information, so will be pleased to advise and assist at any time.

At Jackson and Nuttall, we are able to provide the pet passport service.  Our service applies to the export paperwork required to take your dog, cat or ferret away with you.

We realise that this process can sometimes feel complicated and confusing, so we are here to help you every step of the way.  If you have any questions during the process of obtaining your pet passport, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please make sure you allow plenty of time to obtain your pet passport.  As soon as you know when and where you intend to travel with your pet, please contact us to arrange an appointment so we can get the process started and allow more than enough time to complete it before you travel.

If you’re planning to travel with your pet soon please contact the surgery as soon as possible so we can assist you.

Please note pet passports are only required if you are planning on taking your pet outside of the UK – travel within the UK does not require a pet passport.