Saying Goodbye

Sadly, our beloved pets must all leave us at some point.  It is always a difficult decision to take, saying goodbye to a pet that has been both a friend, and a member of the family.

Jackson and Nuttall vets will always support you in this decision-making process and give you our honest advice and opinion from our many years’ experience, to enable you to make an informed choice about your pet.

If you are facing this potential decision, please speak to our team for advice on ways to make this as stress-free for both your pet, and you as the owner.  Our team at Jackson and Nuttall can explain all the options available to you in terms of location, sedation and what can happen to your pets’ remains after the visit.

At Jackson and Nuttall, we know how sensitive this conversation is and we encourage our clients to be proactive in discussing the choices available to them in advance of the time when the procedure needs to occur. This provides us with the opportunity to address your concerns and fears and ensure that we understand your wishes well in advance. We want you to know that as veterinary surgeons, we and our team also find it distressing as we are animal lovers too, and every member of the team at Jackson and Nuttall want to help make the experience as positive as possible given the circumstances.

On the day

At Jackson and Nuttall, we try to arrange the appointment so you and your pet are not kept waiting longer than necessary.  The ideal plan is to book at the end of a surgery so there are no other appointments after you – this allows all the time you may need in this situation. We would suggest ringing the practice before you set off to double-check in case there are any unforeseen delays during the day.

Where possible, we can provide this service in your own home. Please contact us beforehand if this is something you would prefer and we will do what we can to arrange a suitable time to meet these requirements.

At Jackson and Nuttall, we understand how distressing this can be, but we will always aim to make saying goodbye to your pet as kind and sensitive as possible.