X-ray & Ultrasound

At Jackson and Nuttall, we are really proud of the wide range of facilities and services we can provide as part of our veterinary care to your pet.

A key element of diagnosing different health conditions in animals is the use of X-ray and Ultrasound.  As we have a digital x-ray machine, we can take routine x-rays at the surgery, which is a great convenience to our clients and their pets.


At Jackson and Nuttall vets, we will always advise you of all aspects of a procedure prior to going ahead.

Digital x-rays can be used to help diagnose a number of conditions, including broken bones and dental problems. The use of x-ray often helps us confirm what we suspect the problem to be, which then enables us to advise the best possible course of action for your pet.

If you have any questions about x-rays or ultrasound procedures for your pet, please speak to your Jackson and Nuttall vet.


At Jackson and Nuttall, we also have an Ultrasound machine. This is particularly useful in a number of ailments, including diagnosis of bladder and uterine conditions, and also pregnancy diagnosis in female animals.

The ultrasound probe needs to be in contact with the animal’s skin, and unfortunately hair prevents us getting high-enough quality images to assist with accurate diagnoses.  Therefore, we may need to shave off a small amount of your pet’s fur prior to the ultrasound taking place.  We will always advise on what is necessary prior to commencing the ultrasound.

All Jackson and Nuttall vets can perform these routine diagnostic procedures, so please rest assured if your pet requires either an x-ray or ultrasound, they are in very experienced hands.

We understand that you may have questions or concerns about the procedure prior to it taking place, and we welcome you to speak to us beforehand to discuss options and allow us to provide reassurance.